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JOY 02. November 2023


In my life as a healer it is necessary to be absolutely true.
In my life as a helping person it is absolutely necessary to be easy with everybody.
And it is most important to help everybody who is really in need.
And I want to tell you something.

It is like this :
Healing is an art-form.


Healing is your own stuff. You can learn to heal yourself. And you can learn to bring yourself suffering. And I want to help people like you and me to heal themself. And I like to be a companion to people.

I like to tell you, what I am doing. And I like to write about my work. And it is most important for me to bring joy.


So, how could anybody bring joy.
And how could you realise this aim.

It is like this: Whoever is trying to bring something good into this world will have some difficulties. It is because the people in our societies are not used to intentions like this. They expect something different. They are afraid to be in a helpless state, if someone is able to help them. This is a big difficultie.


Actually, this inference is not true. If someone is able to help, it will enrich your life and it is a kind of gift for each other. If someone is helping another person, it is always helpful for both! There is no harm in it.


Tulku Thondup, an experienced meditator and respectable and honored buddhist Rinpoche is saying "Our minds possess the power of healing pain and creating joy."